The Schoco Bon Édesség Nagykereskedés Kft is a Hungarian sweets wholesaler company which has been established in 1994.

In the early years we started to work with only 1 person on the site of Papa. In the meantime we succesfully expanded with three more sites in Pécs, Szombathely and Abony and now we have 80 employees to serve our partners.

With our direct selling chain we are serving 4000 retailer from 3 of our  sites. Also we have 150 wholesaler partners so 7000 more retailer have the acces for our product range. Some examples for partner retail chains in Hungary: CBA, COOP, Reál, Relay, Hungarian Post and the Auchan.

Our profile is importing and distributing of sweets and confectionery. We are choosing our suppliers with taking care for the product quality, reliability and flexibility meanwhile they can guarantee the competitive prices for us.

The final goal for the Schoco Bon is when our customers are happy about our product range so with this in mind we are always looking for international business relationships. For the success we are importing products from Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Chech Republic, Turkey and from Colombia. With our chain between the importing and distributing we can guarantee for all of our customers the best prices in Hungary and in the countries around us.

We feel that our task is to serve properly the customers whose interested in the best quality products as well as the customers whose interested in the products at the lowest prices. On our mind the fair trade and the relability takes the priority in the business life.

The habit of us which has been described above takes our business to the level of succes because with it we are having a wide product range, fast and flexible distribution which is served by our helpful team.

We hope that we raised your attention with this debut and we look forward for a succesfull business relationship with you.